How To Easily Bypass / Skip Android Lock Screen Pattern, PIN, Password Without Reset[ Disable / Deactivate ]

If you have forgotten your android phone unlock password, pattern or PIN now no worry. We can easily bypass the unlock screen without any hassle using a free android free app. All your user data are secure. This application called  “Screen Lock Bypass”. We remotely install that app on your phone. However your device data or WiFi connection should enable before to use this process. That means, if there’s no internet connect to your locked android phone, you can’t follow this method.

In-addition to that developer mention that this not work each and every device, you have to check whether it works or not (test on Sony Xperia device with stock ICS firmware).

How to bypass unlock screen.

  • Log-in to the play store android market, using a web browser (computer better).
  • Go to the “Screen Lock Bypass” app using one of the following play store links, and install it on your lock phone. (Need to know how to remotely install apps using desktop play store on your phone, better to read this post)
via web browser, or Scan QR code.
  • Click left side “Install” button.

  • Next popup window select your locked device.

  • To begin the installation click “Install” button.

  • After it installed, again install any app on the same device for start the “Screen Lock Bypass” app service (It’s a must).
  • After second app installed you can unlock your phone’s locked screen without any issue. 
This application start-up with each boot for skipping the lock. It can’t remove or change your phone’s unlock  pattern, password or PIN, it only skips them. You can only reset or remove it by resetting your device. Therefore after you unlock your device using this method, you have to backup all the data, files, apps (android full backup guide in here). After that you can install new firmware for permanently remove the lock (make sure that when you install new firmware wipe user data).

If you uninstall this app without resetting or remove unlock screen, your phone’s screen unlock again activate.

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