Unlock & Relock Sony Xperia S LT26i Bootloader [Windows, Mac, Linux ]

Unlocking and re-locking Sony Xperia LT26 bootloader now more easier. This is the official method. It can use all the Sony android handsets. After you unlocked the bootloader, your warranty void, there’s way to relock it, but now Sony uses a more advanced method for identifying unlocked bootloader. . 

This method we can use the “Flashtool” computer application. This tool can automatically grab the unlock key from the Sony official site. It makes more easier hole process. 

If you don’t like to install flashtool, you can use this tutorial for quickly unlock the bootloader.

There’re many reasons for unlocked the bootloader. The main reasons are install custom kernel, some custom ROM, flash recovery. 

The main reason for relocked the bootloader is update the handsets via Update service, FOTA or PC companion. 


Now your device manufacture and carrier warranty void. If you re-lock the bootloader, in some countries Sony service center person can identify it. This is more advance customization method.  If your device damaged by following this tutorial, I can’t claim its damages.

How to unocked the bootloader.


  • Backup your internal memory.
  • Charge minimum 50%.
  • Unfortunately all phone’s bootloader can’t unlock. Make sure that, your Xperia S LT26i can be unlocked by using the following method.
  • Open the dial pad and type following USSD code.
  • Now you’re in the “Service menu“.
  • Go to “Service info > Configuration > Rooting Status“.
  • Scroll to the bottom and check “Bootloader unlock allowed says:Yes” if it display “Yes” you can unlock it.

    Unlocking method. 
    This method we use the Flashtool computer application, it can install Windows, Mac, Linux computers. I have a Windows PC, so i tested it only that computer.

    • Flashtool in here. (Use jDownloader for easily download. After install it go to “Link grabber” and paste the download page link).

    • Install flashtool in your computer.
    • Run it as an administrator.
    • Enable USB debugging in your Xperia S.
    • Connect your phone to the PC via USB cable.
    • Go to “Plug-in>Unlock bootloader>Run
    • Now unplug the phone. 
    • Power off and wait 30 seconds. 
    • Sometime now it promote, press and hold the “Volume Down” key and at the same time connect the phone to the PC.
    • Now you can see a flash process start. Wait until it complete.
    • Then it again promote disconnect phone from the PC and power off, now disconnect phone from the PC and press and hold “Volume Up” key and same time connect phone to the PC.
    • Now you can see “Bootloader Unlock Wizard” and you can see your device IMEI number, copy it by using “CTR+C” keys. But don’t close the window.
    • Click “Get unlock key” button. Now Sony’s official unlock.bootloader web page opens in your computer’s default web browser.
    • Click “Yes I agree” button.
    • Tick “Legal terms” check box and click “I accept”.
    • Create Unlock request web page fill your name, IMEI number and your email address 
    • Then click “Submit“. 
    • Now you can see your Sony Xperia S LT26 bootloader unlock key.
    • Copy it and paste the flashtool “Bootloader unlock” window (CTR+V).
    • Finally click the “Unlock” button.
    • When you see the “finished. total time: 6.213s“, disconnect Xperia S phone from the PC
    • Now you just unlocked the bootloader.

    How to re-lock the Sony Xperia S LT26i bootloader.

    This method we have to use the flashtool computer application. You can install it Window, Mac and Linux operating systems. After you re-lock the bootloader, you should install the official firmware. Because of after that your phone will not boot.

    • Flashtool in here ( Use jDownloader for fast download. After install it go to “Link Grabber” and paste the download page link)
    • Bootloader relock file in here.


    • Backup your phone internal memory.
    • Charge minimum 50%.


    • Install the flashtool.
    • Copy downloaded re-lock ftf and firmware files into the flashtool installed folder, firmware folder.
    • Run it as an administrator. 
    • Click “Flash button” like following screenshot.

    • In the mode selector window tick “Flash mode”.
    • Now choose the “Xperia-S_Relock_bootloader.ftf” file in the “Firmware selection Window”.
    • Finally click “OK” button.
    • Enable USB debugging in your phone. (Settings>Developer options)
    • Power off the phone and wait 30 seconds. 
    • Press and hold the “Volume down” key and at the same time, connect the phone to the PC.
    • Now installation starts. If it promotes press the “back” key ignore that message.
    • After it completed disconnect phone from the PC, but don’t power on.
    • Press and hold the volume down key and at the same time connect the phone to the PC.
    • Now again flash the firmware ftf file using flashtool.
    • Congratulation, you just relock your Xperia S bootloader.
    • Disconnect phone from the PC and power on.

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