Swipe Status Bar A Quick Access To Notification Area When Full Screen

When we use full screen apps, there’s no way to access the notification area or quick settings panel. Almost all the Android games use full screen mode, as well as some of the other apps. Therefore it will limit check new notifications as well as enable or disable certain settings on the quick settings panel. At that time we had to pause or stop the game or application. In some games after pause or stop, you may lose the game progress. It’s annoying thing.

The Swipe Status Bar is a good solution to quickly access the quick settings panel or the notification area while you’re in the full screen mode. Using two or one fingers, just swipe down to the bottom of the screen. Then you can see the regular notification area. If you need to use only one finger to access notification or quick setting panel, you have to unchecked the “Multi-touch gesture” option.

Once the application started the service, it will run in the background. If you use task killer or any RAM booster apps, it’s better add Swipe Status Bar to its ignore/white list. Otherwise it will interrupt the service. This application starts with the boot. Once enable its service, no need to run it manually.

Swipe Status Bar action


  • Show notifications when full screen.
  • Show quick settings panel.
  • Support one finger and two fingers (multi-touch) gesture.
  • Enable, disable vibration feedback.
  • Customize touch area position and width.


Swipe Status Bar settings

When you are playing games, after enabling the notification area by swiping, your game temporary pause. To continue it just tap on the screen. Then you are again in your previous app.

User can customize theĀ  sensitivity, gesture area width and position by navigating “Try it” option. Also you can test how this app work. It works landscape andĀ portrait modes. This is a totally free app. It doesn’t use any advertisement. Developer of this app added in-app Google Play donation link.

The user can enable and disable vibration feedback when the status bar is pulled down. Moreover intensity of vibration can be adjusted. If you use the previously introduced a floating notification app it can show the notifications even if you are in the full screen. Although you can’t see the notification area.


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