Bitdefender Antivirus Free Perfect Malware Scanner For Android

Bitdefender is a one of the best award-winning anti-virus application for the Android phone and tablet. With its cloud protection it gives a better detection rate and zero false alert. Feather more this free app will never slow down your device. It can easily detect new Android viruses with its cloud based technology.

According to the latest AV-test (an independent security applications testing lab), Bitdefender Antivirus for Android app has the maximum virus, Trojan, spyware, adware detection rate. Moreover that test mentioned this application has zero impact on your Android phone, tablet performances.

This Android virus protection application  gives you protection against malware apps, it doesn’t have Application audit, SMS control, web security, ant-theft additional features. If you want to enable those features, you can download the Bitdefender all in one app. If you already installed powerful Anti-theft application such as Cerberus, Theft-Spy, Prey then it’s useless installed additional features contain a Bitdefender mobile security application.

This Android virus guard check application scans your apps in real time, this feature called as Autopilot mode. After installed or updated applications on your phone, tablet, it will automatically scan. This Android app not only scan installed apps on your device, it scans SD card apk files. But a user can exclude the scan storage option. This Android security app has zero configuration.

Bitdefender Antivirus free screenshot

Key features.

  • Protection against all the Android malware (virus, spyware, Trojan, adware, etc).
  • Cloud based protection.
  • 99% malware detection rate ( according to the
  • Autopilot mode continuously monitors when the updating and installing apps.
  • Automatically detect suspicious apps activities and block them before damage.
  • Lower RAM, processor and battery usage.
  • Minimum impact your Android phone, tablet performance ( according to the
  • Scan SD card files (apk, xml, etc, but not scan media files).
  • Zero configuration.
  • Simple user interface.

After it started the service, you can’t see this app icon in the notification area or status bar. But it continuously monitors your device. If you use Task killer or RAM booster apps such as Clean Master, it’s better add Bitdefender Antivirus to its whitelist.

Its auto pilot mode automatically blocks suspicious apps before they harm your device.  So you’re completely safe with this cloud based security system. Therefore there’s a lower or no possibility to damage your phone, tablet and its data.

Unfortunately this security app can’t schedule its scan (entire device). It scans your device on-demand. User can perform malware scan by using the app main menu. User can view the progress in the main menu as well as the notification area. After scan started, it’s recommended to enable data or WiFi connection on your device. Because this app uses cloud technology. After completing the scan, it will connect with the Bitdefender server to verify the scan result. However it will not use considerable data.

I started using this app a few weeks ago. It never slows down my device in normal usage as well as playing games. But when I’m using Lookout, Avast they slow down the phone when I’m playing heavy games such as Asphalt 7, 8, Modern combat 3, 4.

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