Best Twitter Management App on Android For Webmasters [Plume RC v3.0,]

One of the fastest-growing and most utilized Twitter applications is on Android. In fact, it belonged to the top five in terms of usage, the reason why Twitter has decided to create a new version to make it more compatible for Android and more user-friendly, providing a consistent experience on the mobile device. With Twitter on Android, users can now access trending topics, latest global update and even continue with the search on how to get followers on Twitter and ways to manage them. 

However, Twitter on Android merely brings the social platform on the mobile device but does not offer ways to manage Twitter activities at all. So if you are interested to know the latest and best app to use on Android in order to manage your Twitter accounts, welcome the Plume for Android.

Plume for Android

This is a Twitter client that is highly customizable and just recently has a redesigned interface laden with new features. Now users can easily swipe from left to right or vice versa to switch from column to column on their Android devices. So if users want to switch over from mentions, direct messages and home tab all they need to do is swipe the screen. This new Plume for Android is called RC v3.0 (Release Candidate). Other than the “swipe,” along with the changes is the capacity to modify notifications and other settings that users can customize to their preference.

Other features of Plume on Android
  • Multiple Twitter account support
  • Widgets for Timeline display
  • Picture preview
  • Geotagging
  • Internal browser
  • Auto complete Twitter hashtags and username
  • support
  • and more!
  • The app is available for a public beta from the Plume Beta forums.

How to install the new Plume app in Android devices

  • Download the latest Plume in here ( Play store link in here). You can download it directly to your Android device or download the app to your computer first, if it does not work right away on the phone (you need to know how to manually install the APK for this).
  • After the download, look for the file explorer, tap the file name “Plume” to install, after which you tap the “Open” after the installation.
  • You can now access and manage your Twitter account using Plume on Android.
Note: If it’s on the computer, connect the Android smart phone through its USB device to the computer and do the same instruction above. 
developer site:-
Play Store link QR code.
Before you install the new Plume, you need to uninstall the market version (if you have it, and if you need the market version of the new Plume, you also need to uninstall the beta version.
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