Paranoid Android Halo Like Floating Notification For Any Android ROM

Halo notification is a cool feature on the Paranoid Android ROM. Now we can use that type of popup notification for almost all the Android phone and tablet using the floating notification app. It not support every application though it can use with many popular apps on your device. This is a very useful for when you are using full screen apps, such as game.

Floating notifications (FN) is not a free app, you can grab 30 days free trial on the Google Play. User can select which application notification should get using this app. Apart from that, it has many customization options to change its appearance, behavior and animation.

In addition to those regular customizations, user can add any app to blacklist to stop floating notification being shown when you are using that selected app.  This is a very useful feature, when you are playing games.

Floating Notifications


  • Support all most all the installed apps.
  • Available many themes.
  • Support icon packs on Google play.
  • Customize notification icon style, size.
  • Customize the lines of text to show and width of the text area.
  • Enable notification counter.
  • Automatically close FN when you read the notification.
  • Show notification top of the lock screen (can disable).
  • Hide text on lock screen FN text.
  • Double tap to clear FN.
  • Quick action options for some apps (e.g.: – Gmail quick reply).


This app doesn’t work out of the box. After the installation, you have to configure it. Otherwise you will not receive any floating notification. Configuration is very simple. Though appearance customization is an optional step. Once the application service started, it shows a demo notification. Just a double tap, you can clear it.


How to enable Halo style floating notification on Android.


  • Download the Floating notifications app from the Google play in here.
  • Once the installation completed, go to your phone’s “Settings>Accessibility>Services” and enable Accessibility for “Floating Notifications”.
  • Run the app. Now you can see a tutorial. You can follow its to get a rough idea.
  • Tap on the “App Notifications” and choose apps that you want by checking them.
  • Once you have selected the app, you can see another another 6 options at the front of that app.
  • If you need to enable expanded text, tap on the Extended text option at the front of the app.
  • If you like to get a stack message, choose stack option at the from of the app.
  • Also you can enable screen on and pin options.
  • Press back key to back to the main menu.
  • Now you can change it appearance, behavior and animation options as you want.
  • Now press back button to enable the service.


Floating Notifications settings

After you receive a notification, just tap on the FN icon on your screen, then you can view its description. To read full story, tap on the description, then that relevant application will open. To clean that notification or description, just double tap on it. Also you can drag and drop the FN icon to anywhere on your screen. This app has the ability to remember its last position, then the next notification will display the lastly cleared  position. However, if you clear floating notification, your status bar notifications will not clear, it’s a limitation of the Android system.


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