Moto X Active Notification For All Android Phone Tablet Free

Motorola added a cool notification system to their latest Moto X Smartphone. It called Active Notification.  In this system, when you received a notification it will light up the screen to let you know about it. User can check the notification without unlocking the device. Now most of the Android phone can apply this notification system. In order to apply it your device should run Android 4.0 or higher version.

Almost all the Android device has a notification LED, but it’s not mentioned which notification we received. With this free application, user can easily check what is the latest notification and who send it without unlocking the screen. Apart from that dynamic notification app periodically turn on your screen, until you read it. If you have a AMOLD screen, this application will not use huge battery power.

Once you revived a notification, this application work as a temporary lock screen. Using it wring, you can check the notification or dismiss it. In addition to that user can add custom shortcuts to the DaynamicNotification app lock screen. User can select custom background color. If you wish to save more battery power, it’s recommended to apply black color as the background.

If the user doesn’t read or dismiss the latest notification, this application will periodically turn the screen ON (pro). Currently it uses the system screen time out, but the user can apply custom screen time out.



  • Work with almost all the notifications.
  • The application will not activate when the phone is in your pocket or face down.
  • User can choose which apps notifications should use.
  • Customize the foreground, background color and image.
  • Customize show date appearance.
  • Change the notification border style.
  • Custom timeout (Premium feature).
  • Customize notifications reappear intervals (Premium feature).
  • Night mode will disable this app service (Premium feature).
  • Hide the additional notification details (Premium feature).
  • Can replace your existing lockscreen (Premium feature).
  • Automatically turn on the screen ON when you take your phone, tablet (Premium feature).
  • Apply custom brightness (Premium feature).
  • Add different shortcuts to swipe action (Premium feature).


This application can identify your phone is in your pocket or its lying face-down. I guess it will use your proximity sensor to check that status. If you like to save the battery, it’s better disable that option. Otherwise this application continuously activates the proximity sensor.

There are two types of version. Free and premium. If you like to unlock the additional features, you can purchase the premium version using the DaynamicNotification free version app-in app purchase system. Because there’s no separate pro version on the Google Play Store.

This application also works with the floating notification (FN). But first you have to enable the FN app accessibility service. Otherwise it will not work.


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