Bitdefender Power Tune-Up For Improve Android Performance [New App Review]

Bitdefender Power Tune-Up is the new android app for optimize your device. Mainly this application can maximize performance by removing unwanted files, reduce battery power usage and manage data traffic. This application optimizes your android phone in three ways, Device Cleanup, 3G Traffic Monitoring and Battery Saving Modes. This is a new beta app, so there may be some bugs.
Power Tune-Up

Device cleanup function. 
Remove unwanted temporary files and cache files, in your internal and external memory. Apart from that user can uninstall apps, view downloaded files. 

Battery Saving function. 
You can use predefined battery saver mode or create custom profile by enable and disable unwanted services. Moreover user can view current RAM and CPU use apps list. 

Data meter function. 
Monitor all the 3G data usage and alert if you exceed a predefined limit. User can set up weekly or monthly usage limit.

Home screen widget.
Available Power Tune-Up remains battery life display widget for quickly view.

Power Tune-Up main window

This android utility application still in a beta stage, so there may be bugs. If we compare it with the Norton Utilities, Power Tune-Up has less functions for optimize your device.

This application requires android 2.2 or latest version. You can download Power Tune-Up in the android market,
via desktop web browser “in here
via market app support link “in here
Scan the QR code.

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