Best Free And Paid Burst Camera For Android [ Fast Burst Camera ]

Most of the android camera apps can’t take photos continuously at high speed. Taking photos continuous in a rapid speed we called burst mode. This feature includes HTC One X and Galaxy S3 phone as well as most of the professional camera. Now it’s not an issue. Every android user can use burst mode in their handset. “Fast Burst Camera” is one of the free apps for android user. Now you can capture your life important moments every second on your phone.
The fast burst camera app can take up to 30 photos in a high end mobile phone, if you have a lower performance android handset, you can take 5 to 10 photos per second. This application performances depends on your phone.

There’s two versions free and paid. Premium user can use flash light, change exposure, zoom, and much more. Free user can only use burst mode with front and rear camera. User can save photos in app folder or photo gallery or a custom folder. In addition to that, users can enable label to add to file name, sub folder for saving each date images.

Some key features (free user)

  • Adjust photo resolution.
  • Change shot intervals, mode, delay between shots.
  • Screen touch shoot, focus or zoom.
  • Custom storage location with sub folders
  • Allow high resolutions shooting.
  • Add labels to the photo.
  • Enable media scanner. 
  • Adjust memory buffer size.

Premium features. 

  • Zoom.
  • Adjust exposure.
  • Use flash light.
  • Auto focus. 
Download Fast burst camera lite version on play store via web browser in here, via play store app in here. You can buy fast burst camera full version just $3.36 on play store via web browser in here or play store app in here

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