Download Install Android 4.3 Camera App APK Photosphere

Android 4.3 jelly bean camera app now available for download. If every Android phone, tablet has camera app, it’s not an available this app all the features. Therefore this photosphere feature limited to the Nexus camera app. Because Google not released its source code. As a result of that, other manufactures (OEM) can’t include the photosphere app feature to their device. This is not a big issue, now every Android user can install this Android 4.3 camera apk.

Fortunately this apk file can install with and without the root. If you are not familiar with photosphere, its the same technology that’s used Google maps, street view. The user can take 360 degree photos with one image. Using the gallery app on your device or Google+ you can view this image. Still there is no photosphere software for computers to correctly view these photos.

This jelly bean camera.apk not only has photosphere pics feature, it has other ordinary features such as photos camera, video recorder, panoramic. Apart from that it supports adjust exposure, Geo tag, countdown timer, adjust picture size, white balance sense mode. In addition to that it has automatic flash mode and support front as well as a rear facing camera. The most significant thing is user can take photos while recording video, by tapping anywhere on the screen.

Android 4.3 camera app


  • Photosphere enabled.
  • Panoramic mode.
  • Video recording.
  • Photos taking.
  • Five exposure value.
  • Geo tagging photos as well as videos.
  • Count timer.
  • Customize picture pixels range according to your device camera.
  • Auto, Daylight, clouding, fluorescent,  incandescent white balance modes.
  • Action, night, none, sunset. Sense modes.


In order to take a best photosphere shot, your device should be centered and move around it. This mode works best with scenes at least 30 feat away. It’s not necessarily mean that, you can’t take close photos using this camera.

If your device not running the Android 4.3 jelly bean you can install this application. This camera app comes with Gallery application. It has image editing, add frames,  apply different color effects such as punch and vintage, crop rotate, mirror straightens images.  Moreover user can apply exposure values in gallery application.

If you already installed the Android 4.2 camera app, you can update it using this method. This is a better camera App for Android.


  • Android 4.3 jelly bean camera apk in here.


How to install Android 4.3 camera apk any device.

  • Install a file manager app from the Google play store in here.
  • Once it’s installed open.
  • If you download the camera apk to your phone, go to the download folder. If you transfer the apk from computer locate the copied directory.
  • Tap on the “GalleryGoogle4.3.apk” file.
  • Follow the installation instructions.
  • That’s all.
  • Now you can see the two “Camera” icon on your notification drawer.


How to install Android 4.3 camera apk any device with root.

  • Install a root enabled file manager app from the Google play store market in here.
  • Go to the camera apk downloaded folder. Normally it’s located in the Download folder.
  • Tap and hold the “GalleryGoogle4. 3. apk” file.
  • Navigate to “/data/app/” folder.
  • Then paste the apk file in there.
  • Press and hold the copied file.
  • Next you can see a context menu.
  • Choose its “Permission”.

Apk permission change

  • Next select change its permission like bellow.

APK permission chnage with root

  • Now you can see the Android 4.3 camera app on application drawer.

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