Google Chrome Beta Channel App For Android Now Available Play Store

Google Chrome is one of the best and fastest web browser. Unfortunately its android version web browser not powerful than the desktop version. Now Google released its beta release version android app to the Google Play store. This Chrome beta requires android 4.0.3 or latest version and it’s compatible with android phone and tablets. Earlier we saw that Mozilla developer released Firefox beta version of Play store.

You can easily access to the beta release new features and improved performances. This version can contains lots of bugs, but when I’m testing it there’s no significant issue. This Chrome beta app use for identify the bugs and make future Chrome app more stable and reliable.

The beta release has fewer new features than the stable version. User can install Chrome beta along with the stable version. When you set up the synchronization, it requires additional permissions for instance Google cloud printing. We can’t see such a permission on Chrome stable version.

Chrome for Android app now faster, secure. For an instance, they have improved the Chrome beta’s Octane performance benchmark on average in 25-30%. Moreover it now available HTML5 features such as CSS Filters.

New features.

  • Support CSS Filters.
  • Flexible Box Layout Module simplifies the styling of complex layouts. 
  • Text Auto sizing for desktop web pages.
  • The dynamic viewport units vw, vh, and vmin can now be used for responsive design.
  • Octane benchmark improved on average by 25-30%.
  • All the feature list in here.

You can directly download Chrome beta app on Google play store in here

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