Automatically Open Web Browser After Scan QR Code [Android App]

Most of the popular bar-code scanner apps can’t automatically open web link after the scan QR code. “QRCode to browser” Android app can do that. This is not a regular app. If we look at purpose of most of this codes, are submitted a website page link. So using this kind of automated tool reduce your time.

If we look at its features,

  • Scan QR code,
  • Automatically open phone web browser and redirect to web page.
QR code
After you install just run this QRCode to browser app and focus, it to the code, then you can see that web link automatically opens in your web browser. If you have more than one web browser, then it will promote which browser use. You can select a default app for that.

Comparing this new app with others, it can’t use camera flash light, not provide beep sounds or vibrate after detecting the code. As well as it doesn’t provide, copy web link or customize app settings. If we look at this app title they are not its expected benefits.

You can download QRCode to the browser in the android market in here. Visit developer site grokprog. Scan market page QR code.


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