Any Manufacturer Can Release Next Nexus Phones [Rumor]

Next generation Google Nexus device makes big news. According to the latest rumor, any hardware manufacture can introduce the Google Nexus branded handset under the Google certain regulations. And those companies can sell that device directly to the consumers. Now everyone knows next November Google is going to unveil 5 Nexus device to celebrate the 5th year anniversary. 

Samsung, LG devices, HTC some of the features already leaked. But know one knew these device specifications and all the manufactures. Sometimes others will be Sony, but who is the other?

Currently we know these are the some of the rules that added by the Google to the hardware manufacturer, in order to join this program.

  • Should use pure android without customization. They’re not allow to customize the UI (user interface). For instance not permitted to add “Samsung’s TouchWiz”, “HTC’s Sense”, etc.
  • Add 64MB secure memory for streaming media.
  • Current hardware should computable with the next year android 5.
Actually there’s no big changes, these are the normal Google nexus series device feature.  According to the above 64MB secure memory regulations, Google is going to promote the Play Store music store through these devices.

However when Google introduces Galaxy nexus, Samsung mobile doesn’t sell that device internationally, like their other devices. Sometime this may be a great step. 

These information’s reveled by the “”. They mention that they take these information’s from one of the One Android Insider’s. So there’re higher accuracy. 

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