How To Fix Google Play Store “We are Unable to verify your account at this time” Issue

Sometime when you try to download new apps or try to update installed apps you may receive “We are unable to verify your account at this time. Please try again in a few minutes” error. This issue may not receive all the apps.

This is a temporary issue. It can be your android device Google account or play store app data or cache issue. Most of the situation, we can fix it by cleaning play store app cache, updates and data or sign out and sign in to your Google account.

This method doesn’t need the root permission, so all the android lovers can follow this tutorial. Its not a dangerous operation. It should work on all the device any firmware version.

When I face this issue, I manage to fix it by doing these things. If you continually receive this issue, wait for a few hours and try to download apps.

How to fix “We are unable to verify your account at this time.

First method.

    • Go to your android device “Settings>Apps ” or “Settings>Applications>Apps”.
    • Now your Apps screen go to “All” tab.
    • Scroll down until you see the “Google play store” app.
    • Tap on it.
    • Now you’re in the Apps properties window.
    • Tap its “Clear cache” and “clear data” buttons.
    • Now open the Google Play store app.
    • When the app open you have to again agree the “Terms of service” tap on “Accept”.
    • Try to download new apps from the Google play.  

    Second method.

    • Go to your phone “Settings>Accounts & sync”.
    • Now tap on the Google account which associated with your Play store app.
    • Press your phone’s menu key.
    • In the context menu tap “Remove account”.
    • Next confirm popup  window tap “Remove account”.
    • Now you just sign-out the Google account.
    • Reboot the device.
    • Once it boot completed, again sign-in to your Google account by providing gmail address. If you enable Google 2nd verification, submit the application specific password instead of the real password.

    If you continually face unable to verify your account error, contact Google plays support team in here.

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