Google Nexus 4 Offline Retailer Price Will Higher Than Play Store

Google unveiled their new Nexus devices 29th October. They priced the upcoming nexus 4, 8GB version $299 and 16GB version $349. Yes, those prices are still available in the Google’s play store market. People who are living in the U.S.A, U.K., Canada, France, Germany, Spain and Australia can purchase their next nexus that price.How about the Nexus 4 retailer prices? Unfortunately, outside of the Play store these prices may not available. However, still there’s no official announcement of this issue.

Spanish retailer “Phone House” (carphone warehouse group) mentioned their official Facebook fan page, they’re suspends the LG Nexus 4 selling plan. The reason for this action is LG selling Nexus 4 to the retailer higher price than the Google play store. Lucky Spain user can purchase them from the Google play store. What happen to others?

This is that announcement

Phone House, the largest independent chain of telecommunications in Europe and Spain, it will release the new Google Nexus 4 and LG, whose launch was scheduled for November 13 in the catalog of this month.


Phone House has decided to suspend the sale of this product after finding that the recommended retail price by LG of 599 € (approximately $768) and conditions offered for commercialization are worse than the MSRP published by Google on its website and does not maintain the commitment with customers and offer the lowest price guarantee that characterizes Phone House.

[source:Facebook phone house fan page]

Google mentioned these devices will available worldwide, but not mention the price tag. Most of the people, think to buy this device this premium price. Looks like not it will be a dream.

However, we can see that some of the offline retailers such as phone house UK shop. According to that statement they mentioned LG sell Nexus phone to the retailer €599 (approximately $768) but not mention which version is that.

Sometime people who can purchase the Nexus 4 directly from the Google such as USA, UK, can sell these device lower prices than to the LG on eBay and other online stores.

[via:androidcentral & thenextweb]

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