Samsung Announced Official Jelly Bean Receive Device List

Samsung mobile now announced that which android devices receive the official jelly bean firmware updates. They are planning 15 different devices. These devices include tablets and phones. Which means they forget their older handsets. Most of the time they will add other devices soon.
Galaxy S3 owners received their jelly bean updates yesterday. Samsung will takes lots of times to complete this android 4.1.1. Most of the time your handset will receive official OTA notification end of the year or first quarter of next year.

We all them know, this new firmware contains lots of features, some of them are ordinary android 4.1.1 features such as enhance notification drawer, project butter. Some of them are Samsung add-ons such as modified next version TouchWiz.
Apart from that they’re planing to release unlocked devices jelly bean first and network locked devices rolling out delay. 

Theses are the 15 devices that they announced. 
If your device not listed in here, it’s not an issue. You can test jelly bean using custom ROM’s. XDA forum developers port different ROM’s such as cyanogenmod, AOKP, for various handsets. 

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