Optimize Android RAM memory Usage With RAM Manager Free

Android RAM Manager Free is a new android app that can optimize your phone’s RAM usage by closing unwanted background apps, adjust virtual memory and lock apps in memory. This tool requires the root permission. If you don’t have to rooted device, first root it and install this application.¬†
It can give free memory for multitasking. RAM manager has 9 different memory management pre-sets. However free user can use only a few options. This RAM manger app can prevent your launcher auto refresh. Mover you can adjust the swap file (paging file) size.

Like other free apps, RAM manager free version support advertisements. But you can unlock all the features and remove ads just $2.06.

Key features.
  • Nine memory manage profiles [Balance, Balance (More free memory) (Pro), Balance (More multitasking) (Pro), Hard gaming (Pro), Hard gaming (Less aggressive)¬† (Pro), Hard multitasking¬† (Pro), Default (Samsung) ,Default (Nexus S), Default ].
  • Lock apps launcher in memory.
  • VM Heap size.
  • Swap file.
  • Memory info.
  • Memory graph.
  • Widget (Light or dark theme) (Pro).
  • Start app with boot.
  • Apply settings without rebooting.
  • Multi language support.

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