3 Android App Stores Seizes By FBI And DOJ For Distributing Pirated Apps

Three illegal android app’s store’s domain name has been seized by the FBI (federal bureau of Investigation) and DOJ (Department of Justice) USA. This is the very first time we can that, any government body takes action against android illegal apps distribution. Unlike other mobile OS, android user has ability to easily install any app without Google’s Play store. As a result of that, commercial app developers lost a considerable amount of revenue.
Therefore now Applanet.net, Appbucket.net and Snappzmarket.com no longer exist. However this is a good step for android future. We already published how to remove android apps illegal download web pages on search engine result page. Yes it’s a small step to stop apps pirates.

According to the USA justice department apps store seizes news page, they believe apps now become a major part of the USA economy. Therefore they continue to seize and shut down websites which distributing pirated apps.
In that notice they mention that they take this action by investigation for a long time by downloading apps from alternative android apps markets and testing.
There’re mainly two issue use these 3rd party market, the first one it’s promoting pirate apps as a result of that developers discourages and no one make new apps, the second reason is these 3rd party market can distribute malware.

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