How To Easily Install Fonts On Any Android Phone

Unfortunately still there is no option to install custom fonts on Android phone. If your device not available required fonts, you can’t view that style. If your Android phone not available regional language fonts you are in big trouble. At that time you can’t see that words.

Therefore, this has become a big issue, if you’re not a native English speaker. Therefore, when you visit, your native language web page you can’t view these letters. This post I’m going to show you how to easily add font to android.

This tutorial has two procedures. You can apply either one step. Both methods work on every Android device. Unfortunately, it required root access.

xperia z


  • Download Unicode “True Type” (.ttf) Format font.
  • Root your device (guide in here).
  • Copy required font files to your SD card.

Procedure One. 

  • Install root file browser.
  • Copy SD card fonts using your root file browser.
  • Go to the following system folder “/system/fonts/“.
  • Paste the copied fonts.
  • If you need to install more than one, follow the above process.
  • After you installed all the fonts, restart your phone for applying changes.

After the reboot finished, copied fonts start rendering and you can view your regional languages on your Android phone. If you still have an issue fonts rendering use following guide.

Alternative method


  • Copy required fonts into your SD card
  • Install “ES file Explorer” using one of the following links


  • Install ES file explorer
  • Run the app and go to its settings and tick “Up to Root” and “Root explorer”
  • Grant SuperUser permission
  • Now copy fonts on your SD card
  • Go to “/System/fonts/” using ES file explorer
  • Paste the copied fonts
  • Now select and tap and hold the figure for a few seconds on the copied font in the “/System/fonts/” directory
  • In the “Operation” context menu, tap “Properties”
  • Now properties window, tap on the “Change” button
  • Tick following items (see the screen shot)
  • Tap “OK” again “OK”
  • Now restart your phone

Now new fonts automatically apply to your Android device.

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