Lock Android Phone Using Proximity Sensor – Pocket Locker

Pocket locker is a new android screen locker, that can can lock your device with proximity. This is a new concept. After you put your device into your pocket or cover its surface automatically add a black layer and disable all the responds from physical key and touch screen.

This application use your Android phone, tablet proximity sensor. User can control the proximity sensor respond and customize lock screen transparent. To unlock drag the black screen to opposite side for example let to right or top to down.

This is not a perfect screen locking app or it will not replace your existing screen lock. If you adjust the higher sensitivity level (close to the 100) then its respond quickly. Transparency level also similar to sensitivity. However before enable this android screen lock application, if you use other 3rd party screen lock app disable them.

Pocket LockerKey features.

  • Completely lock phone.
  • Disable physical and touch screen.
  • Adjust proximity sensor responds.
  • Customize lock screen behavior.


Above right side screen shot demonstrates unlocking system. You can drag it any side.  After finish customization tap on the “Enable locker” option. Now everything done. Latest pocket locker version start-up with boot. So once activate no need to run it manually. This application requires android 2.2 or latest version.


[google_app_box title=”Pocket Locker” url=”https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=transparent.lock.nagygergely” ]

visit developer site “CHP

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