Take Calls Waving Hand Without Touching Phone Android – Proximity Sensor

Android has lots of free apps for various purposes. Have you ever think to answer your phone calls by waving hand? Just like the Samsung Galaxy S4.  Yes, now it’s possible. This will make more easier, when you can’t touch your phone’s screen. Using your phone’s build in proximity sensor, we can do it.

The Air Call Answer is an app, that can take incoming phone calls by waving your hand at the top of your phone (above the proximity sensor). Apart from that, you can bring your device near to your ear to answer. Just like the previously introduced Quick Answer free app.

In order to use this application, your phone should have a built-in proximity sensor. These days all the Android device ships with this sensor. Almost all the device’s proximity sensor locate at the top of the screen and close to the top earpiece and front facing camera.

This app doesn’t eat lots of battery power, because it activate the proximity sensor when you receive a phone call. But if you enabled it pocket mode, it always awakes the sensor and consume higher battery life. Though this feature will prevent quick answer when the phone in your pocket.


This is a free. You can see ads once you open the application. According to the developer, this app still under the development stage. But when I’m testing it on my SGS3, it works fine.


  • Answer any phone calls by waving hand.
  • Auto speaker phone ON/OFF option.
  • Prevents auto answering when the phone in your pocket.
  • Enable and disable vibration alert.
  • Enable and disable call-screen message.
  • Change position of call screen message.

In order to take the optimum result of the air gesture, you have to closely wave the hand over the proximity sensor. Also there’s no way to reject calls. Practically it’s impossible. Because it’s hard to distinguish the different gesture. Because the Air call Answer app uses sensor or a camera.

Air Call Answer

When you are receiving a phone call, you can see this app notification at the top of the caller screen. Just like the above screenshot. If you can’t see something like that, it means this app not running in the background. If you use any task killer app, make sure that this app added to its whitelist. Otherwise there’s a possibility to kill the Air call answer app.

After the installation, run this app. Then tap its “Turn On” button. You can change its settings by tapping on the wrench icon. In there you can enable and disable above mentioned features and customize the apps service running message position. It’s better select center as message position, otherwise it will cover the caller ID (number and name).

[google_app_box title=”Air Call Answer” url=”https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=in.smartwebs.air_call” ]

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