Free Android Phone Tracking App To Track, Recover Stolen Phone

It’s better install Anti-Theft app on your valuable device. We all of them love our Android phone, tablet because of they’re expensive.  Also these devices contain many confidential information’s such as bank PIN numbers, email etc.

Selecting best and reliable tracking app somewhat hart process. Then, if someone stolen your android phone or tablet, you can track that thief and also we can recover your stolen devices free.

In addition to that, user can remotely control their stolen phone via web dashboard or SMS commands. Therefore the user can delete valuable information’s in your devices before thief find them.

The prey Anti – Theft app is free stolen phone, tablet finding application for android mobile phones. Before you start tracking your device you have to install this free app in your devices. The prey app can track the stolen device if that device are already installing prey tracking application.

Key features .

  • GPS and WiFi Geo-location.
  • SIM change detection.
  • Loud alarm sound.
  • Alert messages to the user.
  • SMS or Push (On Demand) activation (Support Android 2.2 or above2. 2+).
  • Lock phone/tablet for privacy (Support Android 2.2 or above2. 2+).
  • Uninstall protection (Support Android 2.2 or above).
  • Take a photo using front camera.

How to start tracking.

To start the tracking, you already installed Prey on stolen device. Then you can track your stolen Android phone and an Android tablet otherwise it can’t. Download Prey official application in Play store  in here. This application requires Android 1.6 or above operating system. After install this application follows its instructions for creating a new prey tracking account for you.


Prey setting window.

  • When your device lost or stolen, go to the Prey control panel web page in here and login to your account.
  • If you linked lots of devices to your account, you can see all the devices.
  • Click on the device to go to your device page.
  • Mark your stolen device status as missing and change other setting as you want on Prey tracking control panel.


  • Then wait for a few minutes for generating your report. Prey free account user can add maximum 3 devices.


This app works data connection for sending tracking details to the server. But user can’t start tracking process using prey web control panel, start tracking should send an SMS command. Free user can’t perform real time tracking. Can view tracking details on Prey-control panel. Hard to uninstall. Not include face recognition feature.

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