Avast Mobile Security For Android All In One Security Free App Review

Avast the popular security software developer now release their Android based first security App call “Avast mobile security”. Currently it’s a 100% free app. Comparing other available apps on Google Play Store this is the perfect all in one solution.

If we look at its malware detection features, Avast mobile security android app can scan and remove unwanted apps manually and at a scheduled time. In addition to that automatically scan after download new apps on the Google Play Store. User can manually, schedule or automatically update virus definitions.

Its Anti-theft feature has higher tracking capability, it goes beyond track and locate stolen/lost phone. That means it can automatically enable phone GPS antenna to improve identify the phone location but user need root access.

This auto GPS enable feature still not available other apps. In addition to that user can use custom name for Anti-theft plug-in so it gives higher protection. And also self-protection prevents unauthorized uninstallations but user need root access permission with password protection.Avast

Its tracking feature includes SIM card change detection and gives alerts when someone inserts another SIM after it’s stolen or lost. However user can add trusted SIM card list for use those SIM’s in an emergency. Moreover can give commands when phone lost or stolen for remotely controlled.


Web shield feature scans web links for protecting your phone and data against phishing and malware website. Built in firewall can prevent applications connecting to the internet but need root access. In addition to that you can specify which connection use which application, so you can save your bandwidth.

Privacy scanner detects which apps that can access your private data (contacts. Location, etc.). SMS and call filtering can block spamming phone calls and SMS. Application management display all running apps including system and user can force to close unwanted task.

After considering all its features some options need root access, most of other anti-theft apps can’t automatically enable, disable GPS so this one has that feature so it enhance tracking capability.
When I am testing this new Android app it give several false alerts for example Avast mobile security detected Android Market Security Tool as malware. It’s impossible because of its developed by Google and I downloaded it from Google Play Store.

Moreover its use minimum battery power and not slow down your system. Avast mobile security available for free until 2013 after that some features only available for premium version.

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