How To Remove Samsung Galaxy Note 2 GT-N7100 Bloatware Easily [ Note II ]

Are you thinking how to remove/uninstall Samsung Galaxy Note 2 GT-N7100 all bloatware apps at once? Yes now it’s possible. This method we need the rooted Galaxy note II. If you’re not aware bloatware apps, they are the manufacturer or network carrier pre-installed unwanted application. Some of these apps start the the boot and eat RAM, battery life and processor speed.
Some user like to stay on the stock firmware, if you’re a one of the person like that, this tutorial will be useful to you. 
This method we uninstall them through the custom recovery. After you install “ROM_Cleaner_v1.0” AROMA launcher will be started and you have to follow its on screen instruction. “ROM Cleaner” is a highly customizable tool, you can select which apps should remove which apps shouldn’t. The importance of using this tool is, it can uninstall all the unwanted apps at once.

This method developed by the XDA forum member called “Patrics83“, if you appreciate this work you can donate him using the above profile link.

  • Applying this method at your own risk. If your device malfunction or certain apps don’t work I can’t claim its damages.
  • Some apps need another applications for work, if you’re not sure certain apps don’t remove them.

  • ROM Cleaner in here.
  • ROMCleaner_user.txt in here. 

How to remove Galaxy Note 2 GT-N7100 bloatware apps.

If you need to know which apps uninstall which are not, read “Change uninstalling apps list.” step.
  • Copy downloaded zip file to the SD card. 
  • Power off the Galaxy note and reboot to the recovery. 
  • First make a nandroid backup, to do that navigate to “backup and restore>backup“.
  • Make sure that external SD card mounted (Mount and storage>mound sd card).
  • Go to “Install zip from the sd card>Choose zip from the sd card” and select the downloaded ROM cleaner zip file.
  • Choose “Yes – Install“.
  • Now AROMA installer will start, tap “Next” to continue.
  • To start the clean, select “Next”.
  • Agree the terms of uses and requirements, by tick the check box and then select “Next”.
  • In the main menu choose “ROM cleaner” and click “Next”.
  • Now you can “select a secondary launcher“, but its an optional step. If you don’t like to use 3rd party launcher tap on the “TouchWiz Launcher”.
  • Click “Next” and again select “Next”.
  • To begin the bloatware uninstallation, select “Next”.
  • Now you can see the apps removal progress at the bottom of the screen. If you select a secondary launcher, now you can see its installation progress.
  • Click “Next” to complete the removal process.
  • Now you’re in the final wizard. Tap “Finish” button to reboot the phone.

If you need to exit the AROMA installation press the “Menu” key and tap on the “Quit Installation”.

Change uninstalling apps list.

Sometime you may like to use certain pre-installed apps, but this tool may add that app as a bloatware, at that time you can customize bloatware list using this method. 

  • Download “ROMCleaner_user.txt” file in here.
  • Install “Notepad++” on your computer. (Download installer in here)
  • Now select the “ROMCleaner_user.txt” and right click on it.
  • In the Windows context menu click “Edit with Notepad++”.
  • Now you can see the apps list.
  • If you need to mark apps as a bloatware remove that app contain “#” icon. For instance “#Books.apk” remove its front “#” icon ( without quotes).
  • If you need to keep that app on your Galaxy note add # icon. For instance “#Books.apk” without quotes.
  • Click Notepad++ top “Save” button.
  • Make a new folder in “/extSDcard” and name it as “ROMCleaner“.
  • Copy that edited file into that newly created folder.
  • Now you can start the bloatware uninstallation process. 

[via:XDA forum]

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