PressReader A Mobile News App For Android, BlackBerry, iOS and Windows

There’s no question that smartphones and tablets have become a must-have for technology enthusiasts. Not only can technology and mobile device users easily connect with friends, families and loved ones where ever they are in the world, the mobile apps we download can provide hours of entertainment as well as keep us updated with news back home, when we are home-sick!

PressReader, a mobile news application, has done an incredible job in delivering mobile device users with thousands of newspapers on their Android phone and tablets. For those not familiar with the app, it’s a smartphone user’s dream with over 2,200 newspapers and magazines from 96 countries available.

This e-news paper app available on Android, BlackBerry, iOS and Windows platforms. It lets user to flip the pages of the publications exactly reading the printed newspapers.

Android and iPad tablet users also have the option of reading entire publications using the app’s horizontal reading stream, SmartFlow.

Additional features available to PressReader users include:

  • Setting up automated subscriptions to favorite titles.
  • Sorting publications by country, language, favorites or recently ordered.
  • Listening to publications using on-demand audio.
  • Sharing articles by email, Twitter and Facebook.
  • Saving articles to Evernote and Instapaper.

This app comes with 7 free trial. After that you have to purchase monthly subscription plans for just USD $29.95. If that’s too steep, you can purchase individual issues for USD $ 0.99 cents a pop.

Here’s where you can download PressReader:

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