Best Free Android Remote App For Control Windows, Linux, Mac Computer

Currently there are lots of android apps for control your windows, Linux or Mac computer. However most of them are not free version, and some of them are not working correctly. Gmote is one of the best free android apps, that can totally control your windows, Linux or Mac computer media player using your android phone. Apart from that, you can make your phone as a keyboard, touchpad and can browse files on your computer hard disk.

Key features.
  • Play computer files
  • Play computer on phone
  • Control presentation and image slide shows
  • Control PC programs using your android phone
  • Make your phone screen as a computer touch-pad, keyboard

How to use Gmote.

However like other remote application, this tool requires install a server application on your computer. In-addition to that Gmote server client requires the Java JVM version.
  • Download android app in here and PC application in here, and install them. ( I don’t have a Mac Computer, so i didn’t test )
  • Install the Java JVM version in here
  • Connect your phone to your PC via WiFi. ( Guide in here )
  • Now run PC client.
  • One you run PC client it request a password, its require for establish connection with your phone.
  • Windows user can add their music, video, movies files and folder location in the next step.
  • Now run your android phone app.
  • Scan for available servers. 
  • After selected correct server, submit the password that you provided to Gmote server client. 
  • Once it successfully configured, you can access anytime without submitting password.
If you can’t connected to your computer (server), check whether your PC firewall block Gmote. After you playback music, you can’t see any media player window. If you need to control PC server, you have to do it notification area icon.

How to play media files.

  • Run phone and PC clients
  • Tap your phone menu key
  • Go to “Browse” now you can see folders that you already selected.

  • Browse media files on that folders and tap on the files to playback.

How to use phone as a touch pad.

  • Run the phone and PC clients.
  • Press your phone’s menu key and tap on the “Touch Pad”
  • Now move your figure on your phone screen, like laptop touch pad.
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