How To Create Fake Call Logs, SMS On The Android Phone Free [ App ]

Now you can surprise your friends and family members by creating fake calls, call logs and SMS text messages. That means you can show hey “Why did you send this kind of message”, “She called me yesterday night, look that call logs“, “she sent me SMS” etc.

This process, we use a special android app called “Fake Call and SMS”. It’s free but support ads. The most significant thing is this app, it can create incoming call as well as outgoing call history as well as text messages.

These apps are not actually generating any calls or SMS. Therefore, these kinds of things should use only for prank purposes. Because normally every call and SMS text message details recorded on your carriers. If there’s any legal action, authorities can request these details from your mobile carriers.


This post, I added step by step how to use this free tool. Before start, you have to download this app on the android market. You can find the download link bellow Google Play store link.

Fake Call and Sms
Fake Call and Sms
Developer: Hoang Duc Lam
Price: Free+

How to create fake call logs and calls.

Create Fake Call.

Open Fake Call and SMS android app. The main screen you can see two parts. Call and SMS. Now tap the Calls section. In there you can see several options like Caller, Call Timer, etc.

Caller: It gives customize the caller details such as name, phone number and call duration.

Call timer: It gives schedule your time.

Now customize the required details as you want. To start the fake call logs on an Android device, tap on the “Phone” button on the app. Like the following screenshot. If you didn’t set the scheduled time, now it starts the rigging. Open your phone’s default dialer app and check this new fake call history.

Fake call and SMS app

Customize the fake call screen.

As I mentioned earlier, we can fully customize the call screen. Tap on the Caller.  In here you can see the caller number and name. If this contact not yet in your phone book, now you can add it to your phone book.

Now you can select a call duration in seconds. Now everything customized. To apply the changes tap on the “Save” button.

Customize caller details

Change the theme.

This application allows the user to select different themes for the fake call screen. You can select a suitable theme according to your device by navigating to the theme section.


How to create fake SMS text message.

Again Open Fake Call and SMS android app. On the main screen, tap on the SMS section. In there, you can see adding sender or receiver name, phone number and message. Fill the required details.

Next step, select message type in folder section. If you need to create fake SMS received from another person select inbox. Finally, tap on the top mail button.

Now you make fake SMS and also you will receive a notification.

Fake SMS create screen

How to create a schedule fake call screen.

Open this fake call log generator android app and tap “Schedule” button. In here you can customize the scheduled date, time as you want. This scheduled time works only with the current saved fake caller details.

Schedule time

Note:- Don’t use this app for illegal activities, because your mobile phone carrier has real call logs and SMS details.

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