Dolphin Add-On For Save Battery, Speedup Browser With Web Site Advisor

Battery life is a major issue on Android phone, tablet. Everyone like to get a longer life. There are many free apps on the Google play store.

Dolphin Browser one of the popular android app. Currently it’s available tablet as well as mobile phones. The developer of this app, introduce a battery saver add-on for the Dolphin web browser. This Dolphin Battery Saver can optimize battery life, speedup web surfing and get rates for every website that you visit.  Which means this is all in one solution. Now you don’t need to install separate battery saver application.

Before you download this free tool you need to install “Dolphin browser” on your Android phone or tablet. After that you have to install battery saver add-on. This free add-on available three pre-set profiles to optimize your Android device power usage. In order to get it service, you don’t need to run the Dolphin web browser.

Dolphin Battery Saver app

  • Battery saver can extend android battery life just one tap.
  • Improve web browsing speed by closing unnecessary background apps.
  • The security manager gives an alert when you try to visit unsecured website, they get rating by WOT; apart from that it display WOT ratings on each page that you visit.
  • Three battery saver profile (Extreme, balanced, normal profile).


After you installed this save battery add-on, its icon display in the notification bar and it display current battery level.  Tapping on that icon, user can go to Add-on setting page. It works as a shortcut.

Comparing Dolphin with other popular web browser Opera min, dolphin has higher standard features with several cool add-ons. Apart from that this free android web browser app has higher speed, bookmark sync, fast dial, different add-ons.

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