Simple And Best Wallpaper Shuffle App For Android Muzei

Live wallpaper is one of the simplest way to customize the Android home screen. Unlike the image based wallpaper, this one has animation effects. Some apps can shuffle the wallpapers according to the given time. Muzei is one of the best Android live wallpaper app. It’s a totally free application. It gives a fresh look to your Android home screen every hour or every day.

The developer of this app is Roman Nurik. Who is the popular DashClock creator. This Android live wallpaper application  automatically set  famous works of art in each day. Apart from that, the user can set random photos on the phone or tablet gallery. If the user selected random photos on the device, the app allows changing time wallpaper in every one hour to every 3 days. Unfortunately, it’s not allowing the user to apply customized time interval.

The app main theme is give popular art works to your Android desktop background in every day. Although, the user can add more images in various categories. Muzei can blur and dim the wallpaper. By default, these image effects are enabled. But, user can disable that effect or adjust the effect level in Advanced settings.

Muzei main


  • Available different popular art works.
  • Set photos in your gallery.
  • Change the wallpaper in every hour, 3 hours, 6 hours, 9 hours, 12 hours or even every day.
  • Gaussian blur images and customize blur effect.
  • Dim images and customize its level.
  • Support extensions to extend the application capability.


If it lets the user to choose own images, it doesn’t allow the user to choose the available desire art works in Muzei. It’s one of the downsides of this application. By default, all the images are blurred and dim. This feature available all the wallpapers (artworks as well as gallery and extension). Therefore, if the user doesn’t like that special image effect can customize it in Advanced settings.

Muzei Android live wallpaper options

Just like the DashClock, Muzei also support extensions. Extensions are meant small app which extends the Muzei capabilities. By using these extensions users can add more wallpapers. These small extensions can add various category images to your wallpaper collection. This is one of the useful feature.

Once the Muzei set a new wallpaper, it can notify to the user. Muzei Android wallpaper app only allows customize refresh time if the user applies extension or image on the phone, tablet.  If the user selected featured artwork, it’s not allowed to customize the refresh time. By default it’s refreshing every day (24 hours). In contrast, this is a one of the best and free customizable live wallpaper app and wallpaper shuffle app for Android.


Muzei Live Wallpaper
Muzei Live Wallpaper
Developer: Unknown
Price: Free

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