Samsung S View For All Android Device Any Firmware

Samsung’s S view is one of the useful feature with the uses of smart flip covers. Once we installed custom ROM we lost that feature. With the help of s view HatRoid app we can use this useful feature on almost all the Android device any firmware.

In order to use this app, you should have S view support flip cover. Which means flip cover with a small window. If you are not aware the S view, with this function, the user can view notifications through the small window on the flip cover as well as a response to calls using this small Window without even opening the cover. It saves the time as well as it makes more convenient to use flip cover.

S view HatRoid is a highly customizable app. At present it supports missing calls, unread SMS messages, music player (stock), date and time as well as caller ID. Unlike the Samsung’s feature, user can customize the display area according to the device’s cover window. This app has all the Samsung’s features.

When the device goes to landscape mode, it automatically disables the service. It’s useful when playing games or watching videos. However there are few limitations. Every time when the proximity sensor covered ( in portrait mode), it shows the S view. This issue may be fixed in future.

S view screenshots


  • S View automatically disables in landscape mode.
  • Status Bar Notification in S view control.
  • Customize the location of layouts to match the cover.
  • Support caller ID (incoming), unread SMS, email, music track info and missed calls.
  • Enable and disable Caller ID screen, text message, missed call icons and music title (Paid).
  • Automatically screen On when cover is opening.


This app uses the proximity sensor. When the device covered by the flip cover user can view the S view window by pressing the power button. At present there are two versions. Free and paid. Before purchase the premium version, it’s better test the free version.

This app work out of the box. The user doesn’t need to configure much more the thing. If its default location layout doesn’t match with the cover, user can customize its location. Enabling S view status bar notification is an optional.


S View Lite
S View Lite
Developer: HatRoid
Price: Free

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