Pop Notifications With Notify Me Android App

Notify Me is a Android app that can shows notifications in a popup Window. It support all most all the applications. Using this free popup notification app, user can open or dismiss selected notifications. Like the Active notification app it will light the screen for a few seconds. User can customize the screen ON time in its settings. It’s some extended looks like the CyanogenMod SMS popup Window.

Unlike other similar apps on the Play Store, this one shows pop notification window if the screen turn OFF. Although user can enable “Aggressive Popups” options to allow popups to appear even if the screen is ON. Notify Me automatically expand the notifications with a bigger view by default.

In order to use this free application, you should grant accessibility permission to Notify Me! app. Then in this app’s, settings menu user have to add necessary apps one by one. In its app picker shows all the available applications. It started the service after you selected any app.

As I mentioned this is a highly customizable apps. In its Popup preferences user can customize the appearance, background color, lock orientation and even slider interface. Moreover it gives apply a custom screen time out intervals. Default it uses the system timeout, therefore this field is empty. It’s recommend to apply a custom timeout something similar 2-5seconds.

Notify Me! can shows new notifications in top of the lock screen. It uses AOSP firmware type wring to view or dismiss the notification. Apart from that it offers quick reply, mark as read, expand, call options according to the selected apps. In order to uses those features, your selected app should support that features.

notify me app screenshot


  • Show popup notifications for almost all the apps.
  • Popups only if the screen is off and locked.
  • Once new notifications  arrived it will light up the screen.
  • Keyword filters to disable or enable notifications.


Unlike other Android notification app, this one allow user to use a keyword filters. Using that option user can blacklist or whitelist a words or phrases in a notifications. Using that option, Notify Me app will identify it should disable or enable the popup notifications for that new notification. If you apply blacklist option then it will disable the popup notification, if you selected whitelist option then it will shows popup notification . For an instance if user added “Android” word in in keyword filter blacklist, user received a txt message that contain a Android word, then this app will not shows its popup.


Notify Me!
Notify Me!
Developer: TpmKranz
Price: Free

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