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Internet speed is one of important thing. No one like a slow connection. On Android phone, tablet there’s no way to track the internet connection speed in real time. However there are lots of free and paid apps to track the usage as well as we can check the data connection usage on settings.

Internet Speed Meter is a one of the best apps that can show the current download and upload speed in the notification drawer and status bar. Apart from that this free application can track the daily total data (3G, 4G) connection and WiFi usage statistics separately. When you are reaching the monthly data limit, it will automatically notify you.

This application has a nice user interface. In its main window shows each data mobile, WiFi and total usage. The user can enable monthly plan in its settings as a MB. Internet speed meter Android application shows its current speed in Bytes per seconds, but if you need to use bits per seconds you can apply it.

This application has 7 themes with color customization options. Moreover user can apply 4 different (blue, white, blue for WiFi or blue for mobile) notification icon color. This Android data, WiFi speed tracking application enables its ongoing statistics in the status bar if your device connected to the internet.

Internet Speed Meter app


  • Real time speed update in status bar and notification.
  • Daily stats in notification.
  • Separate stats for Mobile and WiFi data.
  • Keep usage statistics for 30 days.
  • Lower power consumption.

Currently there is two Internet Speed Meter, free (lite) and paid. There are several feature limitations in free application. Moreover free version doesn’t have advertisements. You like to support the developer of this application, you can go for the premium version.

If you need to enable smart notification,  different themes support and color customization and Blue status bar icon, you have to following features, you have to purchase pro application.

Unlike the Data Usage Defender-Efficiency, this app can’t track each and every apps data and WiFi usage. But you can check them on your phone’s settings (Settings>Data usage).


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