Best Samsung Galaxy S3, S4 Screen Protector ArmyBee HD clear Review

Selecting best Galaxy S3 , S4 screen protector somewhat hard. ArmyBee has Anti-Glare, Anti-Fingerprint, Anti-Dust protection with HD clear. There are over priced and cheap protectors. Because of the brand name. Sometime you pay a higher price for the brand name.

Personally I like high definition (HD) screen protector film. Because it gives a crystal clear view. Matte finished version also good, but it’s not clear than the HD version. Though both of these products give the same protection against scratches. In this post I’m going to add my true review about the ArmyBee Premium Anti-UV, Anti Scratch High Definition Screen Protector Film and Anti-Glare version.

A few weeks ago I have purchased this screen cover for Galaxy S3. Looks like it’s a good quality item. Normally I’m not posting reviews about hardware and accessories in this blog. But I really impress their product.

ArmyBee products are not over priced, they are affordable but all of them are quality products. Unlike other popular brand, their every pack has three separate screen protector covers, squeegees and microfiber cloths. All of them are packed in three separate units. After use one unit, you can throw its pack.

ArmyBee packs

ArmyBee screen protector Features.

  • Thinner than regular competitor products.
  • Use highest quality Japanese PET Film.
  • Protection against scratches with hard coated.
  • High definition (HD) clear.
  • Bubble free when applying.
  • Anti-UV ray coated.
  • User can easily wipe away fingerprints.
  • Anti-Glare (Matte)
  • Price US $ 3.99 (most of the cases less than US $ 4).

This product uses high quality enhanced optical film. It uses popular Japanese PET Film. As a result of that it gives high definition (HD) clear. It comes with three layer designs. Coating layer, screen protector and releases file layer. Once you apply it no one can see any different on your phone.

ArmyBee Galaxy S3 and S4 Glass screen protectors are ultra thin. After you apply them, no one can see any difference. It perfectly fit with your device. Also it’s not too much slippery or greasy. Unlike other cheaper products, this products will not reduce the screen responsiveness.

Galaxy S4 i9500 screen protector

With its premium silicon adhesive layer, user can easily apply the Samsung Galaxy S4 screen protector without any bubble. I’m not a perfect guy for installing screen guard without any bubble. Normally when I’m installing protectors I have to throw one or two covers but when I’m installing ArmyBee, I can easily apply it on my phone because of its bubble free feature.

With its Anti-UV ray coated layer, user can easily view the screen even in the sunlight without any issue. It will not reduce the clearness. Moreover user can easily wipe away fingerprints on the screen no need to use any cloth. If you need Anti-Glare feature, you have to purchase matte screen protector, but it reduces the clearness of some colors on your device screen. This is not only ArmyBee product issue, its every Matte finished products have.


Purchase from official store.

This product current price is US $ $3.99. Currently there is two different versions HD clear and Matte. You can purchase from using following official ArmyBee Amazon store.


How to apply.

Every pack back side has how to apply the S4, S3 screen protector with visual.

  • Wash your hands.
  • Power OFF the phone and put it a clean surface.
  • Remove dust, greece and fingerprints on your screen using provided micro fiber cloth.
  • First remove the peel 50%.
  • Then start applying it from the down (near the home button).
  • Next wrap the squeegee using the micro fiber close.
  • use the squeegee to remove if there is any bubble.
  • After that remove the 2nd layer.


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