Free Android Automation App Mini Tasker Best Alternative For Tasker

There are lots of Android Automation Apps. Such as Tasker, AutomateIt, Locale. These apps can automatically trigger actions using location, time, sense, event conditions. Most of these apps are not user friendly, they have little sophisticated settings. Mini Tasker is a one of the good Tasker alternatives (as well as other similar apps).

This application has a user friendly UI with simplified settings. App user can add new actions and conditions as well as import from online. If you import online, you don’t need to set up anything. It’s pre configured although you can edit them. Normally when you first time installed some of these automate apps. You have to follow some guides, otherwise it will complicate. But later on you are familiar with it. However Tasker is more powerful than other alternatives and it gives¬† better customization options.

This free tool has more than 20 different applications activities. It’s a battery friendly app as well as not eat your phone, tablet RAM. Unlike other apps, this one can run some Android restricted activities such as enable GPS. In order to run those tasks, Mini Tasker app need the root permission.

App screenshots

Mini Tasker app features.

Support actions.

  • Launch installed apps.
  • Start playing music (song, play list, etc)
  • Control phone’s volume profile.
  • Set up a notification.
  • Send and/or forward text messages.
  • Control WiFi, Data, Sync, Bluetooth, NFC connections.
  • Enable, disable Airplane, GPS, with root.
  • Adjust screen brightness.
  • Silence phone when receiving unnecessary calls.

Support conditions.

  • Run actions using location (map).
  • Daily Time Range – you can pick the day of the week
  • Support time or event conditions (Time, calender event).
  • Hardware connecting, disconnecting status and events (headset, charger etc).
  • Sensor based detection.
  • Activity Recognition.
  • Battery level.


This Android automate app has mainly three types of conditions, location based, time and/or event, hardware and sensors based conditions.¬† When you are creating a new profile, you can add only a one condition and action. Once it’s completed, you can add other actions and conditions.

Once Mini-Tasker app started it service, you can’t see its icon in the notification area. Therefore it’s hard to identify this app run in the background. It’s a major drawback of this system. Although it will fix soon.


How to create a profile.

  • Download the app from Google play in here.
  • Open the app.
  • Tap it at the top of the main menu, New Task button.

Add new task locally

  • Select action that you want. In this situation, you can only add one action. Once a profile created, you can add extra actions.
  • Then choose task’s condition. In here you can select only one condition. Later you can add more.
  • In this app main menu, make sure that your profile turn ON.


How to edit profile.

  • In order to edit profile. Tap and hold the selected profile.
  • Then choose edit icon (pencil).

Edit exsisting task

  • Now you can add additional actions and conditions.
  • If you need to edit the existing action or condition, tap on it. Then you can again customize them as you want.


How to import profile.

  • Open the application.
  • Tap its main menu, cloud icon.

add task from cloud

  • Browse task market available profiles.
  • Tap any item.
  • Then tap on the import icon.
  • Again go back to the main menu.
  • Now you can see the imported profile. It already has activity with the condition.
  • By default, the profile status OFF. Turn the status as ON.
  • If you need to edit pre setup profile, you can edit its actions and conditions using above profile edit method.



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Developer site in here.

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