Sort Important Email With EmailTray Intelligent Free Email Android App

Finding important unread emails on your Android phone and tablet somewhat hard. If you’re using Gmail app, it can do it. So if you’re using another mail provider, then you have to use another mail client. But all the modern 3rd party apps can’t identify and display important mails.

EmailTray is not an ordinary application, it can prioritize serious messages on your Inbox. It will identify mails by examining the words like the Gmail. This client sort mails according to top, low, low  and no priority with four different colors. Apart from that, it can rescue important mails that accidentally marked as spam. If you receive lots of mails in everyday, this is an important application.

User can select different type of notifications according to the priority of the email in your Inbox. Default it enabled sound, vibration and lights notifications. Also there’s an option to enable silent mode periods.

If it support multiple accounts, it performances are questionable (work but old unread message are not show). When I’m using it some accounts mails are not shown. Probably it will fix next updates.

EmailTray Email App


  • Support multiple email account.
  • Automatic sorting by sender priority.
  • Good email rescue from spam.
  • Grouped message by date or sender.
  • Different notifications according to the priority new mail.
  • Home screen widget.
  • Password-protection against unauthorized access.
  • Support POP3 and IMAP.
  • Easily sharing content.

This mail has some unique features that other email clients doesn’t have. For an instance, if you have your own mail server, this application can automatically detect its incoming and outgoing settings. I use many email clients including PC outlook, but I never see something like that.

Like other ordinary applications, this one also has a custom signature. Apart from that you can sync your settings across multiple device using the EmailTray free account. I think it will sync your account names, signature.

In addition to that, it can use only WiFi network for check new message. But there’s no option to apply different themes. It has only light color.

Once you installed the app, you can add new account on your phone’s settings menu or opening the app. But if you wish to add multiple accounts, you can do it only the phone’s settings menu.

With its default settings, you can’t read the old mails. There’s no All mail folder. If you need to download old messages, you can enable load old mail option by navigating the phone’s Settings>Accounts>EmailTray>Account Settings. User can select different sync frequency time. It has maximum one hour sync frequency.

Currently it available only the Google play store.

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