Install Copy Free Android Cloud Backup And Auto Sync Application

Copy is a new cloud service that lets you save and sync your Android phone, tablet photos, video, files on your personal cloud. This service offers 5GB totally free space. If you need more space you can refer your friends to this service or purchase upgrade plan.

Its free application offers many features than the Dropbox, Gdrive, and other cloud service’s apps. The copy Android application has built in PDF file viewer. Once you have downloaded your pdf documents. You can view them without using any 3rd party application.

Apart from that, user can upload any file anywhere on your SD card. Like other cloud application, this one also has an automatic upload camera images and videos to your Copy account. If you don’t have a proper data plan, you can enable “upload only WiFi connection” option. Default this automatic uploading feature disabled. You can enable it by navigating this app settings.

This service offers Android, iOS and Windows based client application. Once you upload any file to your cloud account, that file automatically sync with your other Copy application installed device.


  • Automatically upload photo (Default this option disabled).
  • Easy access to your files.
  • Easily share your files with your friends (with available sharing options on your device) .
  • Share your Copy folders with other people to easily share files.
  • Upload anything from your micro SD Card.
  • Download past versions of your any file.

Copy Application

Once you have downloaded this application, you can easily create a new account using this app. Currently there’s no features limitation on free accounts and premium accounts.

This service offers more secure sharing options. For an instance, user can generate members-only links to his/here content. Therefore you can keep your eye on your files.

You can create a new account using this link.

[google_app_box title=”Copy” url=”” ]

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