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Keep Screen ON While Watching/Reading Android Phone, Tablet Free

Currently there’s no native solution to keep screen awake while you’re reading or waking something on your Android phone, tablet. Google Play rich in apps, therefore now we can easily prevent screen off while we are watching on the any Android device screen, using a simple free app. It’s Keep screen On.

Samsung goes beyond the Google and first they introduced Galaxy S3 device to Smart stay. Now every Android user can use this feature without buying Galaxy series device.

Most of the time when we read something, we have to change the screen time out time or keep tapping on the screen at a specific time to prevent it sleep. Now it’s not an issue.

Keep Screen ON is a one of the best apps that can keep awake your Android phone, tablet screen, while you are using your device. This application rather different from the Samsung smart stay. Keep screen ON , use your device’s orientation sensor.

When you hold your device in a specific position, this app keeps the screen on, if you change the position it reduce the brightness and few seconds, your phone, tablet screen automatically off.

For an instance when you keep your phone on a flat surface (horizontally), you can set up this app to automatically reduce the brightness and auto screen off.

Moreover, When we read or watch something we keep our device in vertically or close to the vertical. Now we can keep the screen ON until we change the position to horizontal or close to the horizontal.

How to use Keep screen ON app.

  • After the installation completed, run the Keep screen ON app.
  • Tap “Basic” and check “Start on boot” option. Enabling hide Icon not recommend.
  • Next we need to configure your deice orientation. Change the rage as you want.

  • Go to “Accuracy” option and select “Normal” or “Hight” option.
  • Navigate to “Test” tab and rotate your phone, tablet. When the human icon green, it indicates Keep screen ON,  and your screen never turns OFF. If it’s gray/black it indicates screen will off after a few seconds.

  • To apply changes and active the service tap “Save and restart app”.
  • Once you have activated the service, you can see its icon in the notification area.

There is a two version Kepp screen ON app. Free and paid. Like other premium versions, this one also has few extra features. Such as battery tab, screen settings and brightness settings.


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