Install Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean Galaxy S 2 With ParanoidAndroid ROM

Android 4.2.2 jelly bean update can install Samsung Galaxy S2 GT-9100. This is not an official firmware, it’s a community build version. Though it’s highly reliable and stable. Samsung just released the Android 4.1.2 update. Therefore you have to wait for a few months to get the official version.

Galaxy S2 Paranoid Android use AOSP firmware, it doesn’t available Google’s services applications. For an instance Google play, Google now. We can install all of them just a signal Gapps zip file. After that you will receive all the essential apps.

Paranoid Android (PA) ROM has all the new and existing features of the Android 4.2.2. In addition to that, it has PA unique features such as a hybrid engine, Pie launcher.

Galaxy S2 jelly bean PA ROM

This ROM well know for hybrid interface, which mean it has tablet, phablet, normal user interfaces. The user can apply desire UI on its settings. In addition to that, the user can apply selected app Per app Layout and size, Per app Color, Transparent bars and color pickers and many more.

This Galaxy S2 Android 4.2.2 jelly bean update requires a custom recovery. You can select CWM or TWRP. In addition to that, jelly bean PA custom ROM installation wipes all the user data on the Galaxy S2 phone memory. But it’s not wipe micro-SD card files. You can follow this post under the requirement sub heading tutorial for that.


  • Installing custom firmware voids the warranty. If your Galaxy S2 brick by following this ROM installation tutorial, I can’t take its responsibility.
  • This tutorial and it contain ROM file only for the Samsung Galaxy S2 GT-I9100 (international version). Applying it to another device will cause unexpected result.





  • Android 4.2.2 Jelly bean Galaxy S2 ROM in here.
  • Google apps in here.
  • Fix zip file in here.


How to update Android 4.2.2 Jelly bean to Galaxy S2 GT-9100 with Paranoid Android ROM.


  • Copy the downloaded PA ROM and Gapps zip files into the internal SD card.
  • Power off the S2 and press and hold the “Power, Home and  Volume UP” key until you see the Samsung boot logo.
  • Once you’re in the CWM recovery, release the pressed keys.
  • Go to “backup and restore>backup”. Now your existing ROM and its data will be saved on your SD card “clockworkMod folder”.
  • Next go to “wipe data/factory reset>Yes – wipe data”. This will factory reset your phone. It need to follow only if you are coming from another ROM or stock firmware.
  • Then navigate to “wipe cache partition>Yes – Wipe cache”.
  • After that “Advanced>Wipe dalvik-cache>Yes – wipe”.
  • Now we can install Android 4.2.2 PA ROM in Samsung Galaxy S2.
  • Go to “install zip from sdcard>choose zip from sdcard” and browse the Paranoid ROM zip file.
  • Once you have selected it, next choose “Yes- Install”. Now you can see the installation progress.
  • Next again select “Choose zip from sdcard” and browse the Gapps zip file.
  • After that, install the fix zip file.
  • After you installed ROM and Google apps zip files, you are ready to reboot the phone.
  • Go back to the CWM recovery main menu and select “reboot system now”. First boot takes few minutes.
  • Once phone fully booted, you can configure Paranoid Android ROM settings using this tutorial.


When you are updating this ROM, you don’t need to reset the phone. Though you should install the Google apps zip file. Otherwise you will lose all the Google apps with their data. This ROM developed by the XDA developer aaronpoweruser.

In future, if you need to restore your previous ROM with its data, you can again boot into the recovery and restore the previous nAndroid backup. You can find more information about CWM backup and restore in here.

[Via: XDA]

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