Download And Install Facebook Home App For Any Android Phone, Tablet

Facebook home phone unveiled few days ago. Now we can install Facebook home application nearly any Android device which ruining Android 4.0.x ICS or higher version. This application gives you a full social networking experience.

Facebook home is an app, that display all your Facebook posts, update and photos on your home screen. Yes, it’s similar to an app launcher, once you installed it, you can also launch your phone’s installed all the apps. Moreover, after you make it as a default app launcher, it disables the lock screen.

Though it has its own lock screen, just like the AOSP firmware ROM. This lock screen has 3 options. Open the messenger, go to app drawer and launch previously opened app. But there’s no home screen widgets.

Facebook Home

In addition to that it doesn’t use any wallpaper, instead of that it shuffle your friends latest uploaded and shared photos as a wallpaper. If you tap and hold the finger on top of the image, user can view it full view. You can easily like, share and drop your comment.¬† Facebook home shows all your notifications at the top of the home screen photos.

In its default settings, this app hides the status bar, you can show status bar by changing the home app settings.


  • Easily view and share your friends latest photos and posts.
  • Quickly chat with your friends.
  • Display your Facebook account latest news instantly.
  • No need to open your existing Facebook app.Facebook home app

This is a not a signal app, it requires Facebook app and messenger app. Today Facebook team, added this app to the Google play store market. Now every compatible device user can install it. Currently this app doesn’t support each and every ICS or higher version¬† OS ruining devices.

Thank to the PaulOBrien at, if you have an unsupported device, you can install it either. You can check the moded version in here.

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