Download Pie Launcher For Android – Like Paranoid Android Desktop Launcher

Paranoid Android has a nice and useful Pie launcher. Now we can install a similar Pie launcher on any Android phone. It’s LMT launcher. LMT launcher is a one of the coolers and highly customizable gesture based launcher for Android.  It doesn’t like the ordinary apps launcher. You can’t see installed an app’s icon on it, but you can add selected app shortcuts.

LMT pie launcher run top of your apps and the current apps launcher. Therefore you can easily navigate through your phone using pre-defined Pie launcher options. For an instance  launch a selected app, toggle GPS, WiFi, go to current app or system settings, kill all apps like essential tasks.

It’s rich of essential features. This app just like the Paranoid Android (PA) custom ROM contain pie launcher. Now you can install it without installing PA custom ROM.


Currently it has more than 20 commands and 14 gestures. In addition to the above mentioned features, user can use  invisible swipe area at the bottom, top, left or right side of your screen.  Using those gestures, we can rigger app, go to the home screen, view recent apps, menu, search,  next app, open LMT settings and  toggle some system settings such as toggle WiFi.

Its pie just like the stock Google nexus soft keys. Moreover can add the selected app shortcut. We can add two levels pie items to this launcher. One level has maximum 5 pie, but the user doesn’t need to use all of them. Once you have selected a custom pie item, default pie’s are changed. It’s a big drawback of this android launcher. We can add app shortcut, home screen shortcut, view recent apps, menu, search,  go to the next app, open LMT launcher settings, toggle some system settings such as toggle WiFi, Data.

User can easily customize this app as he/she wants. For an instance you can start customization from the LMT launcher pie.


  • Available more than 20 commands and 14 gestures.
  • Run top of the other apps launchers.
  • Three Invisible swipe options in four different areas to rigger actions.
  • 5 pie keys in two levels .
  • Set keyboard state listener.
  • Add gestures to blacklist.
  • Change pie keys color, font, inner radius, outer radius.
  • Customize pie long press time.
  • Change animation time.
  • 5 Different launcher activation area (right/ left/left and right/ bottom/ left, right and bottom).

After activating the LMT launcher service, I recommended to enable, enable “Set keyboard state listener”.  Otherwise when you use the keyboard app edge keys, sometime this pie launcher appears.  When I’m testing this app, it requested the root permission. I think it can run without the root, but I’m not sure about it. Yes, you can test it.

Still this app not available on the Google play store market. You have to download it from the XDA developer forum in here.

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