Advanced Mobile Care App All In One Android Tool

Advanced Mobile Care app is a all in one Android free app. It include malware protection, system tuneup (clean unnecessary files and cache), anti-theft protection, call blocker, Task Killer and many more. Advanced Mobile Care app developed by the popular IObit software developer. Advanced system care is a one of their award wining application.

This app has a simple but sexy user interface. Some of its features disabled by default for an instance battery saver and anti-theft. If you need you can enable them. Mobile care app identical to the all in one Avast mobile security app, but this app doesn’t have the firewall and net meter features. After you installed the app you can see the notification area icon, but you can disable it.

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Key features.

  • Mobile Anti-virus.
  • Anti-theft.
  • Battery Saver.
  • Call Blocker.
  • System Tuneup.
  • Game Speeder.
  • App Manager.
  • Task Killer.
  • Privacy Locker.
  • Privacy Advisor.
  • Call logs and contacts cloud backup & restore.
  • Home screen widget.

Advanced Mobile Care screenshots

Mobile anti-virus protection feature can manually and automatically scan your devices apps for viruses, malware, spyware, and suspicious apps. It’s real-time protection feature will automatically scan when downloading, installing or updating a new app. User can enable and disable its different scan options.

Anti-theft function not powerful than other apps. In order to use it, you have to find another Android device which installed Advanced mobile care. Once your phone lot or stolen, then you can track it by using another Android device installed Advanced mobile care app. There’s no web based dashboard or SMS commands.

Battery Saver, this option let the user to select brightness, Airplane mode, WI-Fi, Sounds, Data, Auto sync, Bluetooth and seep options. But there’s no multiple battery saver profiles. Therefore every time active only one profile.

Call blocker allow user to add blacklist and blocked numbers. User can easily block non-contacts. System Tuneup will scan and clean memory, cache and junk files, just one tap. It will ensure smooth performances. Game speeder option will ensure smooth and lag free game play on your Android device.

App manager will show all the installed apps, according to Movable apps, All apps categorization. In addition to that it shows APK files on your SD card. Task manager option will optimize your RAM by killing memory intensive and battery hogging apps just a one touch. If you have a anti-theft app, make sure that you have add it to the ignore list.

Privacy locker can hide your sensitive photos, videos and files with a password. It block unauthorized access to those files. Privacy advisor will scan and display all the installed apps that can access your Android device personal information. Cloud backup & Restore will backup your contacts, call logs locally or in iObit cloud account. It also available restore function.


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