Two Ubuntu Phone Apps Launcher Like Launcher For Android Phone

Ubuntu phone has a nice and simple application launcher. Now we can apply that launcher to our android phone. Currently there are two types of apps for this.  They are GYF Side Launcher Beta and Unity Launcher. These two applications have unique features with customizations.

After you have activated the service of these apps launcher, its on the left side of the screen. Once you Swipe from the left you can see the apps list. Default its on the left side, but user can change to the right edge of the phone. It work top of the other application launchers. This post I added GYF Side Launcher Beta and Unity apps launcher features and how they use. You can select either one.

The most significant thing is user can launch any app in any place. For instance, when you’re browsing the web, if you need to send a text message, you don’t need to go back to the home screen or app launcher, just swipe to the left or right you can open messaging application without closing the web browser.

Apps launcher

GYF Side Launcher Beta.

This is a one of the oldest application. It can automatically pin all of your installed apps on it slider.   It available lots of customizations. User can adjust its behavior, customize the user interface (UI).


  • Open any app from any where.
  • Change the application list background color.
  • Change the application list alpha value,
  • Re-size the icon size.
  • Hide or show the app name.
  • Show/hide the ribbon name.
  • Change the ribbon color.
  • Fling start area height and width.
  • Scrolling speed.
  • Select suitable fling gesture type.

Premium users can enable GYF theme, icon theme, notification icon.  Once you have installed the application, run the application. To enable the service, tap on the application home screen.  To disable the service also taps on the GYF app home screen. The GYF app launcher has a premium version.

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Unity Launcher.

This is another good alternative for Ubuntu phone launcher and it’s more similar to it. Unity launcher user interface rather different from the GYF, but it has the same features.  User can select which apps to pin the slider, change the swipe edge width and visibility timeout.


Key features.

  • Launch any applications from any where.
  • Select apps to pin into the launcher.
  • Change launcher color.
  • Change Icon backgrounds.
  • Customize animation
  • adjust launcher visibility duration.
  • Select swipe from left or right edge of phone.

[google_app_box title=”Unity launcher” url=””]

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