TheftSpy Powerful Anti theft App Track & Spy Android Phone, Tablet

TheftSpy is a new Anti theft app that can track and spy your lost or stolen Android phone, tablet. This app has the ability to protect your device with and/or without the root.  Like other tracking apps, you have to install TheftSpy app on your target Android device and log-in to your account using the installed app. After that it will sync (send your device info) your device with the server. Then it will start tracking. Within few minutes you can control your phone using TheftSpy web based dashboard. If your device already lost, this Android anti theft app not for you.

This app rich in features. It can completely control and view your phone. Currently it’s under the beta testing and developer of this app, offer life time free license key for beta testers (XDA forum first 2,000 downloads-end of the post has full details).

Like other applications, rooted user can activate more features. This Android anti theft and spy app configurations should be done on the web dashboard. There’s less configurations on the app settings.

If you have to root, when you’re enabling it, make sure you have properly granted the root permission. Otherwise it may not work properly. TheftSpy is not just an anti theft app, it has spy features. Because it can show the target device text messages, images, videos etc.
TheftSpy AntiTheft Software

First time when you installed the app, you can see its icon on the app drawer. After you open the app, its icon hide on app drawer. Once its icon hidden, if you need to re-open the app, go to the dial pad (phone app) and dial 127001.

Key features.

  • Track current location using GPS.
  • Read all SMS (incoming, sent, Outbox, Draft)
  • Take a photograph from front or rear camera when key-guard lock unlock attempt.
  • Read Whatsapp stuff and remotely wipe its data.
  • Files synchronizer.
  • Video recorder.
  • GPS tracker.
  • View Camera gallery.
  • Take your phone screen shot.
  • Audio recording.
  • Messages and alerts.
  • Wipe SD card data.
  • View call logs.
  • Check contacts.
  • Stealth Security.
  • Power Control (Power off, Reboot).
  • Adjust device Settings.

The most significant feature is, you can remotely sync your lost Android device files and folder using web dashboard. So before you perform remotely wipe SD card, you can protect (upload) your stuff.

It doesn’t have much in-app configuration, it has a simple UI with settings. After the configuration completed, you can control your phone using theftspy web dashboard in here. To appear you device on the dashboard, it will take several minutes.

If we compare this application with the Cerberus anti-theft app, these two apps have similar tracking features. But this app has some unique features such as Whatsapp controlling, camera gallery browsing, files sync. However this application has a recurring payment system, but Cerberus has a one time payment. Though I can say, Cerberus is more stable than TheftSpy. It will be change after the final version released. You can read Cerberus app review in here.

You can grab the free license key by participating as a beta tester. The only thing you have to do is, download this app and install it on your Android device and create TheftSpy account and log-in to your account using this app.¬†TheftSpy support in-app registration. After the beta testing completed, you have to send a private message (PM) via the XDA forum. If you’re not an XDA forum member you have to register in there to send PM. (Relevant XDA forum thread)


This app now not available on the Google play store. Therefore you can download its apk by registering the developer site in here.

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