How To Install Oppo Find5 x909 TWRP Recovery Easily [ Custom Recovery ]

Oppo find5 is a one of the powerful quad-core budget Android Smartphone. Now we can install TWRP custom recovery on Oppo Find5. Using this recovery, you can install flashable zip file, custom ROM, wipe data/ factory and many more advance customization. To start this installation you have to root your Oppo find5. You can follow my this tutorial.

This installation we use fastboot command.  Currently this is a beta version, there may be some minor bugs. Before starting this installation it’s better to backup your internal memory. This recovery developed by the XDA forum kamma.


Applying this tutorial at your own risk. If your phone brick or damage by following this tutorial, I can’t claim its damages. This tutorial contains recovery image only for the Oppo Find5 x909, applying it to another device will brick your phone.







How to install TWRP recovery on Oppo Find5 x909.


  • Extract the downloaded fastboot zip file to the desktop separate folder.
  • Open the fastboot+adb folder.
  • Extract the downloaded recovery zip file.
  • Rename the extracted recovery file as “recovery.img” and copy it where you save the fastboot file.
  • Press and hold the “Shift” key on your keyboard and at the same time right click inside the folder.
  • Now you can see Windows context menu click its “Open command Window here” option. If you can’t see a context menu you can follow my this tutorial.
  • Type following command line.
adb devices
  • Now you can see the following type message in your CMD window.

* daemon not running. starting it now on port 5037 *
* daemon started successfully *
List of devices attached
0123456789ABCDEF        device

  • Next type following command line to boot into the fastboot mode.
adb reboot bootloader
  • Within a few seconds, your phone will be rebooted to the fastboot/bootloader mode.
  • Now we can start the recovery installation type following command line.
fastboot flash recovery recovery.img
  • When it shows, “finished. total time” type following command line to reboot the phone.
fastboot reboot
  • Congratulation, you have installed the TWRP recovery on Oppo find5 android smartphone.

[via:XDA foruom]

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