File Manager For Android With Simple Holo UI fylee

fylee is a one of the best free and simple file manager app for Android. There are lots of free and paid file browser apps on Play store, but almost all of them have unwanted features and don’t have user friendly interface. This app not available root feature, so you can’t view your system folders.  You are not satisfied with this app, you can read my earlier post 3 black background file manager apps post.

Let’s talk about Fylee, it has a holo them black color, current it doesn’t have any other color selection option.  This app has the ability to show the relevant available apps for open your files on the SD card. Right side you can mark files and folders. One tap and hold the on selected file or folder you can it shows cut, copy, paste, rename, send/share etc options.



  • Simple file manager/explorer.
  • Super fast file operations.
  • Easily share files on your SD card via bluetooth, email, wifi, etc available options on your device.
  • One tap bookmark files and folders.
  • Quick navigation between internal and external storage.


Unfortunately this app not like other android file manager apps. It doesn’t show the files thumbnails and not has a nice icon. All of the icons have a dark color. It’s not like the Inka file manager, after you have installed the app, this app shows fylee name on the app drawer.

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