Completely Automate Android Phone With Tasker App – Ultimate Total Automation

Tasker is a one of the ultimate app for completely automate your Android phone. This application can perform more than 200 actions. Using this app you can perform most of the actions that you have to do manually. For an example, when you are at your office, automatically silent the phone, when you plug the earphone/headset to your android phone automatically adjust the sound profiles, when you have a missed or unread SMS automatically notify at a certain time intervals.

Currently there are certain apps on Google Play store to do some task automatically. Now you don’t need not purchase tons of applications for doing certain actions. Just a signal application you can do 100 of applications work.

It has the ability to trigger actions by Time, Day, location, state, start/stop running another app, event, shortcut, widget, timer, 3rd party plugins. Tasker called these things as context. These contexts have category, those categories have events. If it has lots of functions, we can simply automate our android phone.

Takser is a paid application, it cost US$5.73, you can grab 7 day trail version from the developer site.  This app doesn’t require the root permission, but you can perform some special task with the root permission.  For instance when you are running a game, you can automatically overclock the CPU frequency, after closed the game auto set CPU to normal status. If we compare Takser with other similar apps such as Locale, AutomateIT, it has more features, simple UI and powerful.



Key features.

  • Available more than 200 actions.
  • Automate android phone by performing selected actions.
  • Automate phone with time, date rules, app, state, event.
  • Control other support apps. For instance when you got a text message, perform SMS backup+ SMS backing up.
  • Lower RAM, CPU usage.



Few things that you can do with the tasker.

  • Lock sensitive applications.
  • Change ringing tone according to your current location.
  • Automatically enable, disable GPS, Data, WiFi.
  • Show a popup notification when you receive a text message.
  • Notify ata selected time interval when you have a missed call or unread SMS.
  • Pause or play when you run certain apps or connecting or disconnecting earphone.
  • Read SMS.
  • Automatically send SMS (auto reply).
  • Change your phone settings according to battery level. For an example when battery level reached 20% reduce brightness to 30%.



How to automate android phone with takser.

  • After you have installed tasker, you have to make a profile. You can give any name for it.  For an example “Home”.
  • After that you have to select a context. This context requires taker to tigger actions. For an example when you at the home, phone use higher ringing sound.  You can select Application, Time, Day, Location, State, Event. (Application means, when you run selected app perform certain tasks).
  • After you have selected context, then you have to choose a category of that context.
  • Next you have to choose an action. You can add only one action per one time.
  • After that you have to create a task. First give a desire name for your task. For instance full sound.
  • Then add a task by tapping “Plus” button.
  • Again you can see the category and Action windows. You can add multiple actions.
  • After added all the required actions tap”Play” button to test the selected task work as expected.
  • If everything is working as expected tap “Right” button to save.
  • Congratulation, you have just made a one step to automate your phone.


For beginners this app somewhat hard to make new profiles, tasks, etc. So first read the tasker user guide this page and setup through pages in here  and ask questions regarding this app in their forum in here.

Download full version.
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Download Trial version.

7 Day trial in here.

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