Best Free Floating Pop-up Video Player For Android Phone, Tablet [Popcorn Player]

Floating popup video player is a one of the innovating app from the Samsung mobile. Now every android user can use a floating popup media player with any android phone and tablet. Popcorn Player (float pop-up) is a one of the best free media player for android.

 Unfortunately this app doesn’t have a gallery like Super Video, Floating & Popup app. Therefore you can’t see all the available videos on your phone, tablet. But it’s a one of the best app for watch YouTube videos and other web based videos. Once you have tap on the web link (video) you can see popcorn player open with window.

According to your preferences you can re-size the floating window size, forward and rewind the video. But there’s no option to increase the screen brightness level. Moreover it doesn’t support all most all the video file formats. 

It has attractive user interface with simple design. There’s no many options to customize the app as you want. But comparing this popup player with other competitive apps, it’s not a perfect media player, but it’s a one of the perfect popup player.

Key features.  

  • Pop-up video player.
  • Holo theme.
  • Support multi-window player.
  • Resize player windows using pinch and spread.
  • Gesture support. 
  • Download online video to SD card for watch offline.
  • Double tap to enable full screen play back.
  • Automatically loop video.
  • Automatically bookmark video when paused or closed.
  • Auto bookmark recently play video.
  • Minimize player to notification area.
  • YouTube, Facebook video support.
  • Supports MP4 and WebM formats.
  • Support live steaming.
  • Support HTTP and RTSP protocol.
Now you can watch Facebook videos while chatting with your friends. Also browse the web, text to your friends while watching your favorite videos, movies or TV series on your mobile. 
As far as I know popcorn player not supports ads. Also there’s no premium version. You can use free version without any limitation.

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How to resize the window. 

  • Open the video that you wish to play. 
  • Once popcorn player opened, tap its “bottom right corner” blue color point and adjust the window size as you want. (just like the following screenshot mention place).

How to enable full screen mode.

  • Open the video that you want to watch.
  • When the app open tap its top right side “maximize” button just like following screenshot. 

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