Asphalt 7: Heat Start Showing Push Notifications [ How To Disable ]

Asphalt 7: Heat is one of the popular racing game for Android OS. After they updated the game in December 27, 2012 now we can see push notification in your notification drawer. It happens if you’re not play this game more than 2 days.
After I was purchased Need for speed most wanted, I stopped playing Asphalt 7: Heat. In 1/14/2013 I saw this first push notification. I saw it more than 3 times, every time it shows a different type of messages, but every time after taps on it, game launch. It doesn’t promote to purchase Asphalt credit or anything. Yesterday I saw that several Android forums other users also experience similar issues. 
However, if you use Lookout Lookout Ad Network Detector it doesn’t show Asphalt 7 use push ads. It’s only a promotion to play this game more and more. Looks like Gameloft, the developer of the Asphalt 7 need an addictive gamers. 

How to disable Asphalt 7 push notification [Android 4.1 or higher]

Fortunately Android 4.1. and higher use now can easily block this type of push ads. You have two options. 

Disable push notification via notification drawer. 
  • When you see the push notification tap and hold that notification. Then you can see “App info” menu.
  • Tap on that link.
  • Now you can see “App info” window.
  • Un-tick its “Show notification“.
  • Congratulation, you just disable Asphalt 7 push notifications.

Disable push notification via app manager. 
  • Go to “Settings>Apps” or “System>Application“.
  • Go to “All” tab.
  • Search Asphalt 7.
  • Un-tick “Show notifications” option. 

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