[App] Unlock, Relock Bootloader Galaxy Nexus, Nexus 4 or Nexus 10 With App (Apk) Without Fastboot

Unlock Bootloader Galaxy Nexus, Nexus 4 or Nexus 10 now can do it without fastboot or a computer. Normally all most all the Google Nexus devices bootloader unlocking methods based on the fastboot mode. Fortunately now we can do it with just an android app (apk). But it need to the root permission. Unfortunately this app not compatible with the Nexus7, so you  have to follow this Nexus 7 tutorial.
You have no clear idea about fastboot commands; this is the right app for you. Yes this method will wipe all the user data, just like our previous Nexus bootloader unlocking tutorial. So before start this app, make sure that you have the latest backup. 
This method also identical to the earlier Verizon Samsung Galaxy S3 bootloader unlocking method. 
Unlocking bootloader void the warranty. If your Google Nexus brick or damage by following this tutorial, I can’t claim its damages. Applying this method at your own risk. 


Bootloader Unlocker For Nexus
Download from Google Play


  • Backup internal memory including SMS, contacts, etc. This unlocking not touch the external memory. 
  • Charge the battery minimum 60%.  
  • Enable USB debugging (“Settings>Developer options” tick “USB debugging”).

How to unlock, relock Nexus phone bootloader with android app, without fastboot.

  • Once the app installed on your phone, run the application. 
  • To unlock the bootloader of your Google Nexus phone, tablet. Tap the “Unlock” or “Relock” button, according to your requirements.

  • Grant the superuser permission.
  • Now you have to follow its onscreen instructions to complete the unlocking procedure. 
  • Congratulation, now you have the unlocked or locked bootloader. 

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