Improve Sony Xperia U, P, Sola Battery Life By Disable Second ( 2nd ) Core

Sony Xperia U, P and Sola have a dual – core processor. Ever time we don’t need to activate these multiple cores. If we can disable 2nd core we can save a considerable battery life. However we can’t see core management options in these devices. As a result of that, it uses higher battery life.
Now we can easily disable the 2nd core of dual-core of the Sony Xperia U, P and Sola phones. Yes, this method we need to root permission. This second core is required to use higher performances such as when you are planing games, video streaming, etc.

This method we use “XCore Xperia” free app. It’s available on the Google play store. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have many features, such as disable 2nd core while screen off or at a scheduled time (for instance at the night). 

How to use app.
  • Download XCore Xperia” from the play store in here.
  • Make sure that you have a rooted Sony Xperia U, P, Sola.
  • Open the app.
  • Change the status to “OFF”.
  • Grant the root permission.
  • Close the app and save the battery life. 
  • If you need to again turn on the 2nd core toggle the switch. 
  • Once you have activated the service, you can see its message in the app main window. 

How to know 2nd core sleep.
  • Install “SystemPanel lite” app from Google play store in here.
  • Run the app. 
  • Tap top “CPU” option.
  • If second core shows sleep, you have done it.

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